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The emergency alert system is designed for operative voice notification of personnel about emergencies, search and rescue operations, civil protection measures, and also in other cases provided for by technological processes. The alerts carried out through the telephone network by means of automatic dialing of the telephones.

The main features of the emergency alert system:

  • Client-server technology;
  • User-friendly WEB administration interface;
  • The interface of the system in Ukrainian/English;
  • User activity logging;
  • Compatibility with existing customer software and hardware  environment;
  • Delineation of access to the functional interfaces of the administrator and the user;
  • Providing round-the-clock operation in standby mode;
  • Ability to perform at least of 100 simultaneous calls;
  • The administrator creates and sets the necessary rights for users, which are the initiators of the alert tasks. Also, the administrator sets the notification parameters (the number of retries, in the case of busy or unanswered calls, the time between retries);
  • Login and password for access. PIN access for telephone user intrface;
  • The user has access to preparing the voice prompt of the alert task, editing the alert lists, the alert report and launching the alert task;
  • Running alert tasks is done using the user interface or by calling a special alert system number and then authorizing by entering a DTMF PIN;
  • The system has no restrictions on the number of created alert lists and the number of contacts in them;
  • The administrator creates a list of contacts from which the alert lists are then generated. Each entry contains a full name, position, department and up to 3 phone numbers. Supports import and export of notification lists in xls (xlsx) format;
    Priority is added to the contact in the alert list;
  • In case of impossibility of connection by the first phone number of the contact, the call is made to the second number, and then to the third number;
  • Search-filter for all fields of the list;
  • Ability to set the priority of making calls;
  • The subscriber confirms the fact of listening to the message by introducing a DTMF command;
  • The voice prompts is recorded via a microphone connected to a personal computer (PC) of the user, or by phone, by calling a special extension of alert system and subsequent authorization by entering a DTMF PIN;
  • The report provides a complete information of which of the contacts and when the alert was received, whether or not the delivery was confirmed. It also presents statistical information. The export of the alert report to the xls (xlsx) format is supported;
  • The alert report is provided in the user interface and additionally sent to the user's e-mail, at the end of the task;
  • The user is informed by phone at the end of the alert task.