All Meridian 1 cabinets or IPE shelf’s converted to IP gateways. Conversion component supports the integration of Nortel Meridian Taurus M3901/M3902/M3903/M3904, Aries 2006/2008/2616, Orion M3110/M3310/M3820 digital phones and analog phones into the Asterisk server.

All SSC cards and Fiber Receiver cards in cabinets will be replaced to Media Gateway Controller (MGC) cards. IPE shelf controller cards will be replaced to Media Gateway XPEC (MG XPEC) cards.

There are certain configuration settings required in the Media Gateway Controller (MGC) cards and Media Gateway XPEC (MG XPEC) cards.

For CS1000E systems will required only certain configuration settings in the Media Gateway Controller (MGC) cards. CPMGS card will be replaced to MGC card. All CPPM, CPDC cards will be removed or replaced to DLC/ALC cards.

New pre-programmed compact flash card containing the correct loadware must be installed in MGC or MG XPEC cards.



All Nortel / Avaya UNIStim IP phones (12XX, 11XX, 20XX series) are registered directly on the Asterisk server. Expansion modules to these phones supported to.

A special tool allows you to convert the feature keys programmed on digital and IP phones to Asterisk server format.