The TAPI Service Provider application is a driver that enables the Microsoft TAPI to communicate with the Asterisk communication server.  Once installed on a Microsoft Windows PC, a user can initiate outbound calls and hang up calls using Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Dialer or any TAPI compatible application. The optional TAPI application also supports receiving inbound calls with basic caller information on incoming calls so that some TAPI aware applications can use this information to do screen-popup, displaying caller information on the screen.

The Microsoft Outlook does not have any built-in support for screen-popping and this functionality can be achieved with Windows programs such as Identa Pop Pro TAPI Outlook Screen Pops or Resource Software International Limited Visual Rapport desktop software. The TAPI Call Monitor can also be used for handling call controls on the incoming call scenario. The TAPI Call Monitor displays the incoming calls and upon selecting the call, the call control buttons gets enabled (e.g. Answer, Hold, Drop etc.).

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Make Outgoing calls, from Microsoft Outlook or any other TAPI aware applications.
  • Receive incoming calls with call controls enabled (Answer, Hold, Unhold, Hang-up)
  • Ability to monitor call states (Connected, On Hold)
  • Receive basic caller information on incoming calls so TAPI aware applications can do screen popup with the caller information.
  • Support for Nortel legacy phones
  • Helps simplify business communications
  • Improve employee accessibility and productivity